Bengali Visual Keyboard

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BN_Disha Icon

Bengali Visual Keyboard:

The popular keyboard layouts in use for Indic scripts such as Bengali follow a non-visual style of typing i.e. the characters are not typed in the sequence they are displayed. The non-visual style follows a uniform method of typing the characters as per their type (consonants, independent vowels, dependent vowels, special characters, conjunct characters) and are defined by specific rules. This method of writing is already prevalent.However, this often poses a learning challenge for new users who are more practised in the conventional visual writing method. This project aims to create a Visual typing method for complex scripts like Bengali.

Keymap Layout For Disha:

BN_Disha Keymap layout

File Description:

icon/bn-disha.png: PNG file containing the icon for the input system.

layout/Disha_Bengali.png: PNG file containing the keyboard layout map for the input system.

Conjunct Input Manual.pdf: PDF file containing reference information for Conjunct Character inputs. MD file containing basic information about the input system along with reference links pertaining to the project.

Release MD file containing version information related to the project. This file lists out all major updates to the input system on a release by release basis.

bn-disha.mim: MIM file containing the logical implementation for the Visual Based Input System. This file contains the actual working code for the system.

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